Title: "Decco"
Location: Toronto, Canada
Circa: 1980's
Title: "Flat out and Up"
Location: New York City
Circa: 1960
Scan from an original "Silver" print
Title: "Mirror Image"
Location: Sign of the Angle
                Lacock, Chippenham, Wiltshire. UK
Down the road from the home of Fox Talbot
Circa: 1970's
Title: "Out of Step"
Location: Nice, France
Circa: 1980's
Title: "Program"
Location: Toronto, Canada
Circa: 1980's
Scan from an original "Carbro" print
Title: "Setting at Estoril"
Location: Estroil,  Portugal
Circa: 1960's
Title: 'Sir"
Location: Devon, England
                Devon county fair
Circa: 1980's
Title: Brooklyn to Staten Island
Location: From the top of the Brooklyn tower
Circa: 1960's

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William R. Horeis, Sr.
Title: "Setting at Eton"
Location: Windor, England
Circa: 1970's
Scan from an original "Carbro" print. 
Part of "AGO Art Gallery of Ontario" collection
Title: "Ferry Fog"
Location: On board  Brooklyn to Staten Island ferry from 69th street dock.
Circa: 1960
Title: "Kettle"
Location: Antraigues, The Ardeche, France
Recorded: October, 1980
Title: "Morrish Castle"
Location: Sintra, Portugal
Circa: 1970's
Title: "Double your pleasure"
Location: Toronto, Canada
Circa: 1980's
Title: "Brett Weston"
Location: Yosemite National Park
Circa: Winter 1970's
Reflection of "El Capiton" mountain in his glassed
Scan from an original "Carbro" print
Title: "Ariana"
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Circa: Late 1970's
Title: "Shore Stone"
Location: Tintagel Castle. Spring of 1978
Tintagel, England
Scanned from original "Carbro" print & hallmarked
Title: "Oxford Hip"
Location: Oxford Street, London England
June 1978
Title: "On Line"
Location: London, England
June 1978
Title: "Olde Glass"
Location: Toronto ON Canada
Circa: 1970's
Title: "Here's looking at ya", [in Brooklynese]
Image of Jane Corkin June 1978, Jane Corkin Gallery. Toronto ON Canada, in The Distillery District.
Image scanned directly from original SX70 Polaroid
Title: "CN Tower", Toronto ON Canada, 
Image scanned directly from negative circa 1980
Title: "Top Hat"
Image of Jane Corkin.
Recorded Queen Street, Toronto ON Canada.
There was a top hat on the back seat of my car. Jane removed it to try on for size.
Title: "Setting at Frankfurt".
Recorded: At a guess house, near the Frankfurt Opera House, Frankfurt Germany.
Scanned directly from a silver print.
Title: Toned Chill
Circa: 1980's
Location: Toronto Canada
Title: Asymmetrically Standing, circa 1980's
Location: Toronto Canada
Title: Pool Side Sun-o-Gram
Circa: 1980's
Le Cap d' Antibes, France